Is it safe to use birth control pills if I smoke?

No. Combining oral contraceptive pills and tobacco use, especially if age is 35 or greater, is not safe. Women need to stop smoking for their own sake and that of their children, present or future. There are many expert answers on tobacco cessation on the site; simply search for them and let me know if we can help support your efforts.
No. Not if you are 35 or older. You can use the mini ill however or estrogen free methods.
No. Your risk for blood clots and strokes increase if you are smoking especially if you are over 35 years old.

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What is safe contraceptive to use birth control pills or IUD for a highblood woman? 25 yrs old with 2 kids smoker

IUD or Depoprovera. Smoking increases your risks for stroke while using estrogen containing contraception.
Consider iid. You should consider long-acting reversible contraceptives (larc)--2 types of iuds and a small rod placed under the skin. All very effective (the most effective methods--as effective as sterilization), and last 5 or 10 years (iuds) or 3 years (implant). Low rates of side effects, and the hormone iud has low levels of hormones and benefits of lighter periods. Smokers have higher risks with bc pill.

Is it safe to use birth control pills after using the morning after pill?

Yes & Recommended. After you've had a withdrawal bleed from map, you can start ocps as instructed by your doc. Take them regularly & you'll not only avoid pregnancy risks, but you'll benefit from lighter, less painful cycles, less menstrual pain, less ovulation discomfort, improvement of any pmdd symptoms, and less acne. Sounds worth it to me. Fertility resumes as soon as you stop them also. Take care of yourself.

Is it safe to use birth control pills like celest for over a year? Does it caus breast cancer or any serious side effects?

Yes it is safe. Birth control pills are widely used and considered safe in the short term (1-5 years). There is no serious concern about them causing any cancers.

Is it safe to take 4 nortrel birth control pills if that's what the dr prescribed?

Confirm with doctor. It would be best to ask the doctor who prescribed that medication for you. Confirm you are taking the medication as directed. Sometimes birth control is prescribed that way for emergency contraception or to stop irregular periods.

Is it safe to take birth control pills if you have a connective tissue disorder?

No. It depends on which connective tissue disorder. I ask my patients with lupus to avoid them. The risk is that several ct disorders may be associated with an increased risk of blood clotting. Oral contraceptives increases this risk even more.

Would it be safe for a teen to use birth control pills and skip placebos every other month, to get less periods?

Birth Control. If her periods are regular this is generally safe, however, you would want to check with her prescribing doctor who knows her history and medical conditions before you do this.

Is taking birth control pills really dangerous or they are safe to take?

Depends. In general birth control pills are a safe drug to take but with all drugs there are side effects and your health history to take into account. Birth control pills are not safe for women with a history of clotting disorders, they are not safe for smokers, they should be used in caution for women with migraine headaches. Talk to your doctor to see if you are safe to take these types of medication.