I went to a doctor last week where he diagnosed my upper right arm as a tendinitus strain? He told me it will heal in time? (wasn't very specific) gave me a prescription for 3 medicines to ease the pain, tramadol (to reduce the pain, cyclobenzaprine (to e

Tendinitis . Tendinitis is common for individual who plays sports which require repetative movements like golfing/playing tennis and some jobs which require constant use of elbow and wrist. It is self limiting condition and gets better with rest/meds and some physical therapy. Usually in acute injury ice pack is better initially and heat is good for chronic pain. If your pain is still there and it is bothering you too much you may need to have injection with steroid around the elbow after evaluation by a pain doctor.Steroid in injection will help to reduce the inflammation , but firdt you need to get evaluated by a pain physician if it is indicated.Thanks.