Can you tell me what combination birth control pills are?

Estrogen/progesteron. Combination pills contain one form of estrogen and one form of progesterone. There are also Progesterone only birth control pills that are used more frequently for breastfeeding mothers. Ask your doctor what pill is right for you!
Two hormones. Combination pills contain an estrogen and a progestin. This is in contrast to progestin-only methods. These include the so-called 'minipill' (micronor (norethindrone) and others) and depo-provera. In combination pills it is the progestational agent that provides the contraceptive effect. The estrogen is there to give the woman a regular menstrual period, but also can prodce side effects.

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Can you tell me what birth control pills are?

Hormones. The most commonly used birth control pills have two hormones in them, estrogen and progestin. Birth control pills help prevent pregnancy through four methods. They make the cervical mucus too think for sperm to move. They slow the fine hairs in the fallopian tube that push the egg forward. They thin the lining of the uterus so an egg can't live there. They stop your ovaries from making an egg.
Just that. They are pills that regulate the cycle in such a way as to inhibit ovulation, thereby affording contraception.

Can you tell me how to take birth control pills?

Birth Control Basics. This is a good over view by Mayo Clinic. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/healthy-lifestyle/birth-control/basics/birth-control-basics/hlv-20049454.

Can you tell me if birth-control pills change your body?

Birth control pills. Yes. The birth control pills are either pure progestin (progestin only pills) or estrogen and progestin (usual type of oral contraceptive pill). The birth control pill can have multipe effects on the body, primarily in the reproductive system. The progestin component works by suppressing ovulation and preventing releast of an egg. There are multilple other effects.

Can anyone tell me what birth control pills worked well for you?

Most of them. Because modern oral contraceptive pills are considerably lower dosages than the 1960 and 70's the hormonal effects are generally less impactful. With 20 and 30 microgram estrogen pills, most all of them work well with patients, even in the generic forms. It is simply a matter of the MD adjusting the dosages to fit the patient rather than utilizing the MD's only "favorite" pill.

Can you tell me if there are birth control pills that don't cause trombones?

I assume you mean th. Thrombosis, any pill can cause that, but if u are healthy and young at age 30 and have no medical problems that would make u more at risk or and a neg family hx, your chance of thrombosis is very low and now with the newer low dose pills like loloestrin the risk is lower tell your doc you want to be on tehelowest combo pill which is loloestrin.

Could you tell me what happens if you take two birth control pills in less than 24 hours?

Usually should. Not cause a problem, because if u ever miss a pill u need to double up the next day and if u are 41 u should be on the lowest dose possible which is loloestrin which is a 10 mcg combo pill or a 20 mcg pill at the most.