Who should use the female condom?

Anyone. It is a loose-fitting condom that is placed into vagina prior to intercourse/sex to prevent pregnancy and std's. There are two rings on either end so that the condom will stay in place. They can be tricky to use, so not my favorite contraception to recommend to a patient. Use only one kind of condom, don't use both male and female condoms at the same time--this can cause friction/tearing.
Anyone. The only woman-controlled, non-hormonal barrier contraceptive that not only prevents pregnancy but also STDs. Failure rate of 5% w/ perfect use, up to 20% w/ typical use. Newer versions easier to use; men like them b/c they allow more freedom and friction. Careful when removing to avoid spill. Make sure the penis doesn't miss the condom. Can be found at your local reproductive health clinic.