What kind of throat infection do I have? I have a sore throat that hurts when I swallow. The pain doen't burn or feel like knives, but it feels like someone punched me right in the throat every time I swallow. Both my lymph nodes are swollen and are red l

Can't . Can't diagose this based on description alone. I wonder if what you are describing as lymph nodes are your tonsils. Red swollen tonsils, pain with swallowing, sore throat, slight fever, runny nose and ear ache. It could be a virus, but you really need a streph test to rule out streph throat.
It . It is hard to diagnose the cause of your symptoms without a little more history. However, if your symptoms have been present for less than 10 days, then you probably have a viral or bacterial pharyngitis (throat infection). If your symptoms have been present for > 3-5 days, i would recommend a visit to your primary care doctor for evaluation and possible treatment with antibiotics (if it is deemed to be a bacterial infection).