Will blepharoplasty change the shape of my eyes? Will my eyes retain the same basic shape, or could the shape change with blepharoplasty? .

Change in shape. Simple upper/lower blepharoplasty will not commonly change the shape of the eyes. However more complex procedures such as upper lid blepharoptosis correction, the eye may appear more open. In individuals with lower lid laxity plus skin excess, the lower lid may need a cantthopexy/canthoplasty which may create more of a slant between the inner and outer corners (canthi) and may appear more narrow.
Depends. It depends on what you want. Blepharoplasty can be designed to change the shape of your eyes, or to preserve the overall shape of your eyes. Have a detailed conversation with your plastic surgeon.
As . As a rule, blepharoplasty does not change the shape of the eye. It simply removes redundant fat and skin. If you have "almond" shaped eyes before the surgery, you still will afterwards. Go to www.Asoprs.Org to find an eyelid specialist near you.
A . A careful surgeon will maintain your normal shape while improving the appearance and vision. It is, however, that the shape can change.
Blepharoplasty . Blepharoplasty will change the shape of your eye. How you want it changed depends on your request and the ability of the surgeon. Otherwise, why would you have the surgery?
Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty may change the shape of your eye depending on what procedure is performed. Have your eyelids evaluated by a board certified surgeon with expertise in these procedures. You can discuss your surgical goals with your surgeon.