Should I get my bottom permanent retainer removed? I had braces for about 1.5 years, more than 10 years ago. And I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth. Should I get it removed? What options do I have if I do get it removed?

If you can, keep it. If it is causing you no problems, keep it. If you elect to remove it, make sure to have a removable retainer fabricated to be worn at least 1-2 times/week as a replacement.
I'm . I'm asked this question quite a bit from my patients. There are different opinions on this, but i'll give you my thoughts and what i tell my patients. 1) it the lingual wire bothering you? Do you have trouble cleaning around or underneath it? It is trapping food? Is it affecting your appearance? If not, why not leave it? 2) teeth can move over a lifetime due to chewing forces, the way you speak and swallow, toungue thrusting habits, etc. The wire counteracts those forces. With the wire removed, your teeth may shift naturally, not because of relapse. 3) if you do remove it and want to use something different, then a removable orthodontic retainer can be fabricated (vivera from invisalign, or a plastic piece with a labial wire). They will be more uncomfortable that the wire, and wear out every few years, increasing your costs over the long run. So... Leaving it in will almost certainly assure you that your teeth will not shift. I'm sure some of the other panelists will add to this post with their experiences to better help you make a decision.
I . I will concur that dr. Davantzis' explanation is more than excellent. I, too, have the same conversation with many patients quite frequently. Unless the retainer is causing a problem with cleaning, speech, or has frequent breakage, it adds to the assurance that your teeth will not shift. However, if it is causing you an issue, speaking to your orthodontist about alternative means of retention is your best bet. There are a multitude of different options available that can meet your needs while still helping to preserve your result!
No. . No. Keep your permanent retainer. Brush, floss and have it checked by your orthodontist. Permanent retainers are so worth keeping! other options involve taking something in and out. You will be happy you kept it another 10 years from now!
Permanent . Permanent retainers on the tongue side of the lower front teeth are considered the gold standard for preventing relapse or movement in these areas. If these retainers are to be removed, a removable retainer should be used to prevent the teeth from moving. The removable retainers should be worn to sleep on a long term basis. Some patients don't like having the permanent retainers as they are hard to clean and if the area accumulates plaque, the family dentist may suggest the retainer be removed. If youj don't mind having the permanent retainer, and if you are keeping it clean, my advice for you is not to have it removed. If you do remove it, the most important issue to remember is that the permanent retainer should be replaced with a removable one that should be worn on a long term basis. Otherwise, you should expect the lower teeth to move over time.