Can 5 weeks of pulmonary hypertension (as well as a few other diagnoses) lead to moderate anoxic brain injury? A patient in his early 50's receives diagnosis of mssa- causing pulmonary hypertension, chf, aortic valve regurgitation, a stretched mitral valv

Endocarditis. Anoxic brain injury can occur after cardiac arrest. The heart disease you mention could lead to cardiac arrest but you did not mention this in your history. I am concerned about endocarditis, infection of the heart valve, with history of mssa bacteremia.
For . For "moderate anoxic brain damage" to occur the patient would have to have experienced cardio-respiratory arrest for more than 5 minutes. This person was quite fluid overloaded but with normal o2 sats, hypoxia and anoxia are not occuring.
PH and Brain Injury. Pulmonary hypertension (ph) does not cause anoxic brain injury directly. The latter usually occurs after cardiopulmonary arrest but could be the result of critical illness associated with severe hypoxia and/or hypotension.