I was cut by a soup can today and had the wound bandaged by an emt. He suggested that I get a tetanus shot within the week. Just want to know if it's ok to wait over the weekend. I don't want to use the emergency room. Thank you

You . You should have a tetanus shot within 72 hours ideally. However it is very unlikely that you will get tetanus from a soup can. It is a good idea to get it updated though, as this will last you from 5-10 years. Also the new tetanus shot also has the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine, and we are having a whooping cough outbreak in this country.
New or old? Two questions for you. 1new can or old and rusty. 2 is your last tetanus shot over 5 yes ago? If can clean and last shot recent you are ok if can dirty or rusty and shot old i'd get one this wkend.