How is an oral cyst different from an abscess? My dentist says I have an oral cyst at the root of a molar. It doesn't hurt right now, but I'm really worried about what it could develop into. Do oral cysts tend to follow the same path as the infection of a

Periapical pathosis. Lesions at the root ends are usually granulomas or cysts. The only way to tell the difference is by removal and biopsy. These are the direct result of necrotic tissue in a root canal causing these inflammatory lesions. They occur on teeth needing a root canal or a previously treated root canal that is failing. Many are asymptomatic and only start to hurt when they become acute, filling w fluid or.
The . The diagnosis of a cyst is made by looking at tissue with a microscope. If there is something at the end of the root of a molar, it means you need to see an endodontist. If it is a cyst, it can become infected and or expand.
Untreated . Untreated oral cyst can lead to many complications in your mouth including abscess formation. You need to have this lesion evaluated by your dentist.
Almost . Almost all cysts can develop into an infection you should seek the help of an endodontist don't wait for pain to develop. Good luck.