How effective are natural family planning methods?

Not Very. Unfortunately natural family planning in spite of best intentions and efforts will often fail and does not approach the effectiveness of birth control pills and other contraceptives.

Related Questions

How effective is the natural family planning method for contraception?

Depends. It really depends on how regular your cycles are and how good you are at cycle counting. This method can work, but unfortunately often times does not because women sorta expect that their bodies/ovaries work like clockwork and in all honesty they don't typically do that year after year. This method really doesn't work well in teens and women closer to the age of perimenopause. Best rate 80%.

If a woman has regular periods, is natural family planning effective?

More appropriate. Natural family planning works best in women with regular cycles because they can more easily determine certain signs of fertility although it also depends on if they know the correct ways of determining when they are fertile.

What are some advantages of the natural family planning method of birth control?

Cheapest. Well you don't have to spend any money on it whatsoever and that makes it the cheapest form of birth control. It can work well provided you have very regular, predictable cycles and that you are compliant with abstinence during your peak fertility times.

What are some disadvantages of the natural family planning method of birth control?

Pregnancy. Unfortunately, the obvious answer is pregnancy. Other than that, natural family planning is hormone free, device free, and prescription free.
Tricky. Natural family planning is not the most reliable form of contraception. Honestly, it is one of the least effective forms of birth control. Strict attention to when your body is ovulating is key and this can take a lot of time and body awareness. Even then, ovulated eggs can survive for days in the female genital tract, as can sperm/semen.

When should I avoid sexual intercourse when I am using the natural family planning method?

Around midcycle. Get an average of your cycle length over 6 months. The day your period starts is day 1. You can calculate when you ovulate by subtracting 14 from your cycle length. If you have a 28 day cycle, you will ovulate on day 14. If you have a 30 day cycle, you will ovulate on day 16. Avoid intercourse starting 4 days before ovulation to four days after ovulation.
Midcycle. If you have menses every 28 days you should ovulate on day 14 (days from the first day of your period starting). Eggs are viable for about 36-48hrs and sperms for about 48-72hrs. So you should avoid intercourse, at least unprotected, 2-3days before and after mid cycle. 5-6 days total.

Isnt natural family planning just another method of birth control for those who say they are "against" birth control?

Depends who u ask. The answer has more to do with your religious and political beliefs than science or medicine. Technically, not having sex until you are married is a form of birth control, yet some people are against premarital sex and birth control. Go figure.

How is natural family planning used?

It's tricky. Some people use basal body temperature charts, ovulation predictor kits, etc. Honestly, it is one of the least effective birth control options and unplanned pregnancies occur frequently.

How do you do natural family planning?

Hope. Natural family planning involves the use of studying the women's cycle and hoping that intercourse during the least fertile times might not induce pregnancy. This is a triumph of hope over expectations as it will inevitably fail over time. If pregnancy is not your wish at this time, consider other options.

What exactly is natural family planning?

Avoid ovulation. If you have regular, consistently predictable cycles, you can calculate your time of the cycle when an egg is released. You then avoid intercouse starting a few day before egg release to a few days after egg release.