Does Asian eyelid surgery work to get rid of an epicanthal fold? I think that's what I have. It's kind of a folded pouch at the corner of my eyes? I'd like to get rid of it, and I'm wondering if Asian eyelid surgery can get rid of it? I do have a partial

Epicanthoplasty. A standard Asian blepharoplasty may not address the epicanthal fold as you describe. You may require an additional procedure. V.
Epicanthal . Epicanthal fold reduction is part of an asian eyelid surgery if you want it to be. Not all asians who get a blepharoplasty want the epicanthal fold taken away. Discuss this in detail with your surgeon well before the surgery so that there is no question in anyones mind what you are having done. That's a good idea for any type of cosmetic surgery.
Yes . Yes this can be completed but it does carry a higher risk of visible scarring and therefore it is generally not performed in the vast majority of cases.