Will blepharoplasty get rid of the wrinkles around my eyes? I have crow's feet wrinkles around my eyes. Will blepharoplasty get rid of them, or just the ones on my eyelids? .

The . The excess skin in the upper and lower lids can be addressed with blepharoplasty. But if you are attempting to get rid of crows feet wrinkles you will be able to soften these with Botox or fillers or both. There are also some chemical peels and deeper laser treatments that can help soften the appearance of crows feet and fine lines. Consult with a board certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon. Best of luck to you.
It . It is almost impossible to get rid of crows' feet permanently. They are due to the action of the muscle underneath that closes your eyes. They can be lessened with Botox or filler injections but will not disappear permanently. Blepharoplasty will not get rid of these. Again, they will look better after surgery when you have swelling, but when the swelling resolves, they will return.
Blepharoplasty. Does not usually eliminate crow's feet. Botox works much better for that.
As . As a rule, the crows feet areas are not addressed by a standard blepharoplasty procedure. If the eyelid incision is taken out that far, it will definitely leave a noticeable scar. Botox is the answer for this area.
Blepharoplasty. Most blepharoplasty procedures are not designed to treat crowsfeet. While there are some maneuvers to reduce these lines, blepahroplasty rejuvenates the eyes by removing excess skin and fat.