Do I have to be in good physical condition to qualify for tumescent liposuction? Do I have to be fit and in good cardiovascular shape to qualify for tumescent liposuction, or are sedentary people able to have it done as well? .

Yes. Sedentary patients in good health can get it done but what counts is if you are overall healthy and not overweight. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. It is done to contour the body and get rid of rebellious fat bulges that are beyond the reach of dieting and exercising.
Obviously . Obviously your surgeon will need to assess your health status and risk of undergoing any procedure... Liposuction works best for those people that have site specific areas to address rather than globally overweight patients. Liposuction is not a weight loss tool. Often i tell my patients that if we both do our parts they can have an exceptional result. Best if luck to you!
A . A lot depends on how much you are having done.Also it is assumed you do not have serious heart lung or kidney disease and you say are not on blood thinners. Because you are sedentary does not mean you can't have it
Anyone . Anyone who is considering plastic surgery of any kind, should be in good health before thinking of cosmetic surgery. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.