Ok I wake up in the mornings an I feel fine for about 30 minutes then I start feeling jittery an shaking is that anxiety? First thing I do when I get up is smoke 3 cigs an drink caffine free drinks then the shaking starts to happen

May be the nicotine. Also, you didn't say if you eat breakfast. If not, your blood sugar may be low. Might be time to consider a stop smoking program and improving your overall health by eating a healthy breakfast! consult with your physician.
Hello, . Hello, i can't diagnose your symptoms. Symptoms of anxiety can include feeling restless or nervous; tension in muscles (especially neck and upper back); problems falling asleep or staying asleep; dry mouth; get tired out easily; feeling irritable or having difficultly concentrating due to feeling anxious. Some people can feel jittery after smoking 3 cigarettes.