What are more options to remove a lipoma on the corner of my forehead without leaving a scar? Does cortisone shots work? My gp and dermatologist have said it is a lipoma and not uncommon. I am very self conscious so I wear my hair over it. It is a big

Lipomas . Lipomas are harmless fatty tumors. I would suggest that you go to a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist to have it removed. Typically, an incision is made overlying the affected tissue, and the fatty tumor is "popped out" like a pimple. Sometimes, these growths are tethered down, and removal can be more difficult. I know of no way that is legal to shrink these in the us as many of the fat disolving injectables were removed from the market. There are some devices for cellulite out there, but i think surgery is your best option. Good luck!
Surgery only. Surgery is the only option. It may be easier to hide a small scar than a large mass on your forehead. The mass may continue to grow.