Feet are blistering athete feet like, burning and itchin blister are pop-up under the skin burning swellin, uncontrolable itching.

Well, . Well, you so seem to be describing athlete's foot, a topical fungal infection, although there are other skin disorders that could also cause itching and blistering, like contact dermatitis (an allergic reaction from something like a dye in a new sock, etc.). Usually fungal infections have a characteristic fungal odor, whereas contact dermatitis doesn't. If you're absolutely miserable, go see a dermatologist or podiatrist right away. But if you'd like to try something yourself first, you can try applying an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream like lamisil, lotrimin or tinactin (tolnaftate) 2-3 times a day and see if it improves. If it doesn't get noticeably better in a day or two, you need to see a doctor. Regardless of what it might be, and as hard as this advice might be to follow, it's very important to not scratch! scratching will only inflame the area and in the case of fungal infections, will only cause it to spread (and put fungal spores under your fingernails). If you do see an improvement in a day or two, it most certainly is a fungal infection. Fungal spores live for 30 days, so just because it clears up in a couple of days doesn't mean you should stop using the fungicidal cream. You should keep using the cream for at least 30 days to prevent recurrence. Hope this helps. Don't scratch, and good luck!