Asthma vs. Rad my son has cough variant asthma, he never wheezes during an attack, just coughs violently and uncontrolably. He recently has had this cough for the past week that he just can't shake. It get really bad in the first thing in mornings and at

Kids . Kids do not have to wheeze to have asthma, as you have indicated that your son has cough variant asthma. The Flovent and ventolin are appropriate management from your physician. I am not sure what the urgent care physician was treating with the amoxicillin. Antibiotics are not used to treat wheezing or cough variant asthma or rad (simply meaning the airways react/narrow to stimulus such as infections, exercise, or allergies). Was the physician concerned about a bacterial infection? In that case the antibiotic would be appropriate.
RAD . Rad is the medical term for asthma. The antibiotic is not an appropriate treatment for rad unless there was a bacterial complication as well (pneumonia, ear infection, sinusitis, etc.) if his rad was not well controlled with the inhalers, a short course of oral steroids may be wiser. I suggest you consult your regular doctor.