Can you tell me what birth control options are?

Effective Convenient. Contraception gives women the freedom to plan their families. Your priorities should be effectiveness, then convenience, side effects, and cost. Keep in mind that all forms of birth control are safer than pregnancy. Check out this article: http://www.Womenshealthfremont.Com/newsdesk/news/contraceptive-upgrade-proves-cost-effective.
IUDs and implants. You should consider long-acting reversible contraceptives (larc)--2 types of iuds and a small rod placed under the skin. All very effective (the most effective methods--as effective as sterilization), and last 5 or 10 years (iuds) or 3 years (implant).Low rates of side effects, and the hormone iud has low levels of hormones and benefits of lighter periods.Other options: pills, vaginal ring, patch.