Diagnosing sacroiliitis severe localized hip pain in one hip, now in both, resulting in sacroiliitic diagnosis by one md. Pcp saying "just muscle spasms" even tho I could not walk b/c in such severe pain. States xrays would have shown sacroiliitis "or any

I . I agree with the previous response by dr. Serba, but would like to make a few additional points. Typically, pain from sacroiliitis occurs primarily in the very low back/upper buttocks area. I am not entirely clear of the location of your pain, but you refer to the hip. There are a number of structures in and around the hip that could be the source of the problem and it is sometimes difficult to sort out. If you have not been seen by a rheumatologist, that could be one direction to pursue. Orthopedic or physiatry evaluation could be helpful if you believe that your problem might be more "mechanical" in origin. Perhaps you could discuss the various options/strategies with your primary care physician.
Sacro . Sacro ileitis when is early , it may show only in an mri, if a good physical exam was performed by your pco she may feel that there is n o suspicion of a sacroileitis , so without strong evidence or a doubt that sacroileitis is happening an MRI may not be indicated. The MRI is done not just as another alternative, but as a study requiered to confirm a suspicion of a clinical history and a physical examination that is suggesting the presence of sacroileitis. If there would be a doubt , the rheumatologist should evaluate you to define wheter an MRI is indicated.