Where can I get help for my anxiety disorder?

Start. With your family doctor. Medical issues can cause anxiety. If you are medically cleared, make an appointment with a board certified psychiatrist who can recommend a treatment plan for you, which may include therapy and/or medications.
Depends. Like anything else, anxiety comes at different levels of severity. If your anxiety is mild or is specific to a situation (like a fear of flying), a brief dose of psychotherapy with a social worker is enough. If it is more general or not as mild, you may want to see a psychologist who is more trained or your general doctor for medication. If it is really impairing you may want to see a psychiatrist.
Anxiety Treatment. I commend you for wanting to improve your Emotional Health! Resources: 1. Your family Physician 2. Psychiatrist in private practice 3. Psychiatrist in an outpatient medical Clinic 4. Psychologist in private practice Take the initiative by making telephone call and following through.