Can I still get braces if I have missing teeth? I'm an adult who would like to get braces, but I'm also missing a few teeth in the back of my mouth. Will that affect my ability to wear braces of any sort? .

As . As dr. Mcleod advised, you can still get braces even if you have some missing teeth. The question is: do you have spacing between your front teeth or are your teeth crowded? If you have spacing, it may be due to a collapsed bite secondary to a loss of vertical dimension. In other words, by loosing the support of your back teeth, your mouth may be "over closing" and your lower teeth are exerting outward pressure on your upper teeth, causing the spacing. Unable to exactly see if this is your problem, have the dentist who will treat you evaluate you for replacement of your molars. This can be done with either a fixed or removable prosthesis. By re-establishing the pillars of support in the posterior, you will help prevent further collapse of your bite, and will allow for orthodontic success.
Orthodontic . Orthodontic treatment in your situation is not only possible, but critical to set your bite for replacement of the teeth with bridges or implants, it will also allow you to minimize restorative treatment by closing spaces where teeth are missing. Go for it!
Go for it! Braces will help position your teeth so that the restorative dentist can do the best possible replacements of your missing teeth. The orthodontist may even be able to close some of the spaces. See a qualified orthodontic specialist for an initial examination (usually complimentary or modest fee) for an overview. You'll be glad you did.
Sure. In fact, orthodontics may assist your dentist in getting those teeth replaced after braces. We occasionally upright, reposition, and move teeth around in new arrangements to help rehab. Your mouth with bridges, implants, and partial dentures. See your orthodontic specialist for an opinion.
Yes. It would be better to not have missing teeth, but it does not preclude braces. We can do many things to increase the health and position of your remaining teeth. Look into it!
Having . Having missing teeth is not an exclusionary factor to receiving orthodontic therapy, in fact we often move teeth into the area where teeth are missing to closed the space and improve the jaw relationship. We can also straighten teeth and maintain a space so that an implant can be placed to replace the missing tooth. If it is discovered that we need back teeth to allow us to get traction for the orthodontic bands, we now place small implants act as anchors where teeth are missing. Orthodontia makes your smile beautiful and your self esteem enhanced. Go for it. Dr neil mcleod dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.