Is it possible to be allergic to nitrous oxide? Whenever my dentist has used nitrous oxide on me during a procedure, I've always felt slightly nauseous afterwards for an hour or so. Is that just a normal reaction? .

Nausea . Nausea is probably not an allergy symptom. Although an allergy may be possible, I have not heard of true allergies to nitrous oxide. Your symptoms are probably related to feeling lightheaded after you stop breathing the nitrous.
In . In over 40 years of practice, and using nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia on my patient, I have never heard of anyone being "allergic" to this and doubt if that is even possible. Everyone has different reactions to foods, medications, alcohol, etc. In general you can avoid eataing for 3-4 hours before getting nitrous oxide. Your emotions (anxiety or apprehension) might also play a role. You might ask your dentist to use less of a concentration and make sure he\she uses only oxygen for the last 5 minutes of treatment.
Nausea . Nausea is a side effect experienced by some. It is not an allergy. If you don't like the sensation, maybe you do not need to use nitrous oxide. Please discuss this with your dentist. Best wishes, dr. Zev kaufman.
It . It would be very rare to have an allergy to nitrous oxide. Nausea and vomitting is noted in about 15 percent of patients after use. Many patients are able to undergo dental proceedures without the use of nitrous. You may want to try your next appointment without. Your other options would be to ask your dentist to use a lower percentage of nitrous oxide, or if you suffer from high anxiety a prescription medication might be indicated.