Could this be geographic tongue? Our seven year old son has had a clump of what looks like red spots develop near the back of his tongue. He says they don't hurt at all, but looking at it, I'm a little worried. Geographic tongue seems harmless, and this l

Normal. It is likely fungiform papillae: taste buds on the back of the tongue: normal.
Without . Without seeing it i cannot comment on what it is. Red spots on the back of the tongue might just be the normal tongue (the taste buds get really big in back!). Geographic tongue is also not a problem, and without pain or other symptoms either is possible. There are infections that can cause discolorations, so if it persists, have a pediatrician or dentist see it to help identify if it is abnormal... But someone needs to see it to diagnose it.
Normal structures. The red spots sound like they may be normal the normal papilla in the back of the tongue and. Or geographic tongue... Geographic tongue appears as whitish areas, not red. The only way to know for sure is to, have the tongue checked by a dentist or his doctor.
I . I would recommend having a general dentist looking at your son's tongue. Any competent dentist will be able to tell you if your son has geographic tongue. If it is geographic tongue it is considered a variation of normal anatomy and nothing to worry about.
Without . Without looking at your son's tongue it will be very difficult to determine or diagnose his condition, according to your description it doesn't look like geographic tongue and again it could be irritation or a fungal infection, you need to know how long he is had these red spots and if its more than a week, your best move at this time should be to see a maxilofacial surgeon, to remove all worries. Good luck.