Do we have to do anything extra to stop aggressive periodontitis? During my son's last visit to the dentist, we were told he has aggressive periodontitis, including some bone loss. We go to the dentist regulary, and are wondering if there is anything in p

YES! We recommend you see a specialist (periodontist) for treatment of agresssive periodontitis. The damage can be extensive. If you can, contact a board certified periodontist who uses the lanap protocol. Your son should have antibiotics. Once the disease is treated, regular dental cleanings and home care should keep it from returning. Good luck!
The . The first line of defense is usually dental hygiene at home and in the office. This includes regular brushing and flossing and regular visits to the dentist for cleanings. With agressive periodontitis it is possible to add additional modalities of treatment potentially including antibiotics and/or a mouth rinse. There are ways to culture the bacteria in the mouth and determine if there is an overgrowth of specific bacteria that may be playing a role in the agressive periodontitis. Also at time there may be a systemic issue that is contributing to the agressive periodontitis so a routine physical or blood work may be indicated when the disease is not responding to traditional treatment modalities. Traditional treatment is usually indicated first and a determination made if the periodontitis is responding to the treatment.
From . From your description, it sounds like your son may have juvenile periodontitis. Google the term and you will find many articles about the condition. This must be treated as a serious problem. Routine cleanings alone may not be the answer. Discuss this with your son's dentist, and if he/she feels it best to see a periodontist, please do so.
Your . Your son needs periodontal treatment. For this type of condition, antibiotics may be needed. Dental cleanings alone will probably not be nearly enough to halt the progress of his problem.