Is it safe to take rabies vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. The disease or risk of disease is usually fatal. No problems have been found with administering the vaccine to pregnant or breast feeding women.
No and yes. Rabies vaccines are live inactivated virus that is generally contraindicated in pregnancy because of its potential harm to the fetus. However, given the alternative that rabies infection is 100% fatal, your doctor and local health officials need to weigh the level of risk of rabies in the exposure. The local health officials monitor the rabies incidence in the community.

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I've been bitten by my dog is it safe to breast feed my baby even if I haven't got an anti rabies vaccine yet?

Yes it is safe. I assume you are asking about rabies. In order for you to transmit rabies to your child through breast feeding- you would have to be sick with the virus yourself. Hopefully your dog is fine, although I know in the Philippines rabies is a big problem. If the dog is OK after 14 days of observation, you don't need any rabies preventive treatment. Otherwise, u should get to San Lazaro. Hope this helps.
Depends. If your dog has had rabies vaccine, you should be safe from infection & breast feed. It is not known if rabies is spread through breast milk. If your dog is well, it is unlikely that you are infected and vaccine will protect you and baby, but the virus can be transmitted by saliva as early as 10 d before dog acts ill. Once bitten, it usually takes 3-8 weeks to show signs of illness,

Is it safe to take a rabies vaccine if it is at room temp?

Yes. The only thing that would make the vaccine inactive would be if it is somehow heated to near body temp; room temp, unless as hgh as in the 80's F would likely be fine for this...

Is it safe to take probiotics and vitamin supplements along with anti rabies vaccine?

Yes. Sorry you have to take rabies vaccine. It is probably wise to take vitamins and probiotics while your body is enduring this stress and is definitely safe to do so.

Why anti rabies vaccine like rabipur have caused neurological adverse effects like (ADEM, GB syndrome), is it not safe to take (PCECV) vaccine rabipur?

Seems coincidental. Rabipur is a Purified Chick Embryo Cell Vaccine (PCECV), not known to CAUSE neurological side effects. A rare patient can get neurological problems after getting a vaccine... but that's coincidental unless the rate of neurological problems occurs more often in vaccine recipients than in non-recipients. For example, if a child dies in a car wreck after getting a vaccine, we don't blame the vaccine.

Is it safe to take rabies immune globulin while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, IgG is safe. Immune globulin (igg) is concentrated antibodies, and helps protect against a variety of infections. It is safe for pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, and infants. Of course, there could be a rare allergic reaction on a rare occassion. Because IgG is purified from other people's blood plasma, there is also a very, very rare chance that something contagious could be transmitted in the injection.
If needed, yes. Like any immunoglobulin, the rabies specific igg could pass into breast milk. I am not aware of any information about pregnancy safety, . However, if a women has been bitten by an animal with rabies, then the risk of having rabies far outweighs the risk of taking the immunoglobulin.