Is there a treatment for anemia?

Rx Underlying Cause. Anemia is defined as an abnormally low red blood cell (rbc)count. This may be due to decreased production of rbcs by the bone marrow, or increased destruction or loss (ie bleeding). The precise cause can be narrowed down by a formal exam and simple blood tests, sometimes supplemented by x-ray or endoscopy. Once the cause is identified, the anemia may be treated.
Yes, but your ? Is really too general to answer accurately. The therapeutic approach taken depends upon the underlying cause, and causes of anemia are many and varied. They can result from impaired rbc production (eg., nutritional deficiencies, marrow infiltration, etc), hematoma, blood loss (gi bleed, hemorrhage, epistaxis, etc.), hemolysis, thalassemia, hemoglobinopathies, etc. More specifics would help.