I wanted to know your opinion about breast enhancement pills, serums, and creams. Esp triactol, breast actives, and beauti-full I'm eighteen years old and I'm super self-conscious about my bust and have really considered using an natural enhancers. I want

There . There is no benefit to be gained by you in purchasing and taking so called "natural" breast enhancement pills or potions. I would suggest that you save your hard earned money. Best of luck, dr. Edwards.
May be dangerous. Don't fall for those. Waste of money and potentially harmful. 3 options: wait until about age 21-22 to see if you will further develop and wear padded bras in the interim, get comfortable with your natural size, or consider breast implants. Best of luck to you.
Hormones?;: +/- The use of hormones for male to female trangenders is well accepted. There use in women is considerably more controversial due to the potential risk of promoting breast cancer. In fact hormone blocking drugs are commonly used to treat women with breast cancer to limit growth. Other homeopathic drugs have been used but their effectiveness and safety is not accepted nor verified.
It . It would be really nice if they worked, but they don't. Probably the only serious risk is that you will be wasting money. On the other hand, since i don't know what they contain, there may be unknown risks in applying them to your skin. You would be better off spending your money on a plastic surgery consultation (though many plastic surgeons offer free initial consultations) to see what proven methods are available to you. Good luck.
I . I guess if you have soem money to throw away and get nothing in return then this would be a great way to do it.They simply do not work.I have been doing plastic surgery for 33 years and they are worthless.www.beautybybrueck.com.
All . All the non-medicated pill, creams and serums will not make your breasts larger. I fyou wish to have larger breasts, first speak to your gyn doc, get his recommendations and if he says there is no way other than surgery, then a plastic surgeon will be your next stop. Good luck from nyc. For more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.