Can alcohol aggravate the symptoms of acid reflux, including heartburn?

Yes. Alcohol along with caffeine, nicotine, chocolate, mint and certain medications can worsen esophageal reflux.
Yes. Alcohol is one of the main factors, probably together with obesity and smoking, that influence developing reflux and heartburn. If you have poured alcohol on a cut, you know that it burns! it does the same thing in your esophagus and stomach, as well as relaxing the valve (sphincter) that keeps the acid in your stomach from going up into your esophagus. People with bad reflux should avoid it.

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How effective is acidophilus complex for gerd/acid reflux? Will it also help with reflux from alcohol? Recommended daily dosage & active culture count?

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I've had acid reflux for some time now I'm on 20 mg of omeprazole can I still get the symptoms of GERD is seems to come and go recently?

Maybe its not reflux. Lack of response to acid suppression ; antacids raises several possibilities: 1) you have excessive acid production; 2) your reflux is of non-acid material; 3) your esophagus is severely inflamed, infected, or ulcerated; 4) you have heightened esophageal sensitivity; 5) your dose of Omeprazole may be too low; 6) your present symptoms are not reflux-related. Suggest evaluation for diagnosis please. Read more...