I had sex with my boyfriend in early feb. Used a condom&we made sure it didn't break. After I had some spotting for a while a couple days ago I started to get cramps, some hot flashes and my breasts are tender. We have had anal and oral sex since then. Can

Condoms . Condoms are a good form of birth control and the best way to prevent the spread of disease, but they are not full-proof. In fact, after a year of sex with exclusive condom use, 15-20% of women will still become pregnant. If you are concerned you might be pregnant, then you should take a test. You can either take a home pregnancy test as long as it has been 5- 6 weeks since your last normal period, or you can go see your doctor and they can test you. A home pregnancy test is 97% accurate if taken a week or more after the missed period. A blood test can tell if you are pregnant as soon as 7 days after conception and a doctor's urine pregnancy test can tell if you are pregnant around when you next period should come. Good luck!