Is rosacea the same thing as acne?

Yes but in adults. Rosacea is considered to be a variant of acne that is found in adults. It can look like teenage acne but it tends to affect areas of the cheeks nose and chin. Unlike traditional teen acnee it tends to be worsened by stress, heat and some foods and drinks. Treatment is usually very effective with topical or oral antibiotics.
No. Rosacea and acne are completely different skin conditions, and respond better to diferent treatments. Seek a board certified dermatolodist in your area for diagnosis and treatment.

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I was diagnosed with rosacea and cystic acne, are they the same thing?

No. Rosacea is a persistent "rose colored" inflammatory process in the surface skin surrounding the nasal root and cheeks. Cystic acne is an aggressive form of acne with deep cysts.They are chronic skin conditions but not the same thing. Read more...

Accutane caused me to have rosacea and I'm a 20 year old male. What is this thing doing to my body? Why do doctors prescribe this for mild acne?

Accutane treatment. Accutane is a vitamin a derivative used to treat acne. It is fda approved but has siginificant potential side effect and should only be used in stubborn to clear acne or widespread pustular acne which does not respond to more traditional topical and oral medications. Rosacea should be a temporary side effect from the Accutane and should clear once you are off the medicine. Hope this helps. Read more...