Epilepsy, pregnancy I want to have children, my partner had epilepsy, he is claiming that when he was 10 years old he was cured by going to church and it is about 32 years that he doesn't have epilepsy and deosnt use dlantin and tegretol, he also claimed

He's wrong. Epilepsy isn't always a cut-and-dried diagnosis. If your partner really did have epilepsy, he wasn't cured in church. He grew out of his epilepsy. It happens all the time with primary generalized epilepsy; rarely if ever with partial epilepsy.
Typically . Typically kerosene ingestion does not cause epilepsy. Drinking kerosene causes vomiting, difficulty breathing and serious problems with the lungs. When the lungs stop working, some people may have brain damage due to lack of oxygen which can cause seizures, but people this sick either die or have permanent brain damage. There are many different forms of epilepsy some which are more heritable than others. Many of the seizure disorders that affect children do improve over time to the point that adults can be seizure free off of medication. Without knowing specifically what kind of seizure disorder he had, i can't give you any specific numbers about the likelihood that your children will have epilepsy. Before becoming pregnant, you may want to talk to an ob/gyn or a genetic counselor about your concerns. Good luck!