What are the typical roles midwifes play in delivery? I want a midwife to be part of my birth experience. What are the typical roles they play? Do they deliver the baby, instead of an obgyn?

Certified . Certified nurse midwives, who are trained and licensed to deliver babies in hospitals, birth centers, or at home, can deliver a baby without the intervention of a physician at all, as long as the pregnancy is low risk and the birth is uncomplicated. Typically, the midwife spends more time with the laboring patient than an ob/gyn would, helping the patient find positions to make natural childbirth more comfortable, monitoring the progress of her labor, offering comfort techniques, such as massage, and making recommendations. If the labor is uncomplicated, the midwife will perform the delivery unassisted. However, if labor isn’t progressing normally or if the patient has a complication, such as an infection or a concerning fetal heart tracing, the midwife will consult an ob/gyn, who may recommend pitocin, (oxytocin) antibiotics, an assisted delivery with forceps or a vacuum, or a c-section. Even once an ob/gyn is involved, the midwife may still deliver the baby, although the ob/gyn will be standing by in case the need for further intervention arises.