Early on in the pregnancy, are there any indications of the sex of the baby from the heart rate? My partner and I are really excited to know the sex of our baby, and we don’t want to have to wait for the ultrasound. We’re going to an early appointment thi

Old . Old wives tales suggest that girl fetuses have heart rates above 140, while boy fetuses tend to have heart rates lower than 140. Unfortunately, as sexy as it sounds to believe that we might predict a baby’s sex by the heart rate, it’s simply not true. Repeated studies have proven that fetal heart rate does not correlate to fetal sex, but it does correlate to gestational age. As fetuses develop, their heart rates tend to drop. As a mother, i know how impatient i was to discover that i was having a little girl, but i can tell you that the thrill i felt when i found out my baby’s gender made it well worth the wait.
Pregnancy . Pregnancy is one area of life that is wondrous and for many somewhat mysterious. Because this is so, pregnancy is ripe for many "old wive's (or husband's) tales.". The idea that the rate of the heartbeat early in pregnancy predicts the sex seems to be such a tale! we do not believe that the rate tells us much except a range of normal (120-160, or so). Interestingly though, one study did show that while in labor (at the end of the pregnancy), the slower heart rates on average are more likely to be boys. This does not hold true earlier in the pregnancy, however, where the average rate for both sexes is 142 according to another study. There are new tests from your blood that can fairly accurately predict the sex of the baby as early as 7 weeks. They are somewhat expensive and of course not necessary.