I have a false tooth in the front and I notice that regular brushing does not keep it from gathering a residue near the gums. Does this have to be professionally scraped off or is there a toothpaste or some over-the-counter product that would get the resi

Teeth . Teeth will often have a tendency to collect a "residue" along the gumline due to inadequate brushing technique. The contour of teeth where they meet the gingival tissue, and the position of gingiva itself make a more difficult area of access. The bristles of the toothbrush must be angled at 45 degrees to get into the space between the tooth and gums. Addtionally, using a circular or scrbbing motion with the toothbrush will contribute to more efficient cleaning. Of course it is essential that patients have regular professional cleanings to remove calcified build-up or "tartar", stain, and to make sure the tooth surfaces themselves are polished smooth.
It . It sounds as if you have accumulated "calculus" in that area. Calculus is hardened plaque, which is the soft bacterial colonies that stick to your teeth and bridgework. Plaque can usually be brushed off, but once hardened into calculus, it usually needs to be removed by scaling, done by a dental professional. When is the last time you had a professional dental cleaning? Each patient is different, but once every six months is usually the average minimum. Some patients require more frequent visits due to malpositioned teeth, poor brushing habits, or complex bridgework. You should make an appointment to have your teeth professionally cleaned, and at that visit ask the dentist or hygienist to show you how to get into those areas that are accumulating the plaque so that you can minimize the buildup at home between professional hygiene visits. Proper maintenance of your teeth will help you keep them for a very long time.
There . There are many stain removal toothpastes on the market but you need to be certain that what you are seeing is just stain and not food or debris collecting at the gumline or under the false tooth. If food or debris is collecting in these areas it may indicate an improper fit of your tooth as it relates to the gumline, or a contour that is not self cleansing. This should be evaluated by you dentist and corrected if necessary. If it's just stain try a toothpaste such as supersmile, plus white xtra, or pearl drops.
If . If you are noticing that this particular artificial tooth is gathering stain and plaque more than your other natural teeth, it may be that it has a roughened surface that is predisposing it to do so. Try tooth paste, and ask your dentist to evaluate the surface texture near the gum line. Well glazed porcelain crowns collect plaque less easily than natural teeth. Dr neil mcleod dentistry that lasts - quality that counts.