Is a thigh lift included in a lower body lift? I have lost a lot of weight and am planning to have a lower body lift. Is a thigh lift included, or is that a separate procedure? .

I . I am assuming you are talking about a medial thigh lift, which would not be included as part of what most surgeons would perform during a lower body lift... Consult a plastic surgeon for details on these procedures. Best of luck to you.
Usually . Usually this is a separate procedure and again it depends on the
Thigh . Thigh lift consists of two parts: 1. A buttocks lift with the lateral thigh lift and 2. The inner thigh lift. Your surgeon should discuss these options as well the approach to your surgery ahead of time. Make sure you understand what is being done and explain your concerns so that the surgeon understands you needs. Good luck from nyc for more info visit www.Drgrossman.Com.