What makes radiesse (dermal fillers) different from other injectables? My friend says it stimulates your skin to help make the effects last longer. How does it do that? .

RADIESSE (dermal fillers) . Radiesse (dermal fillers) is an injectable filler composed of synthetically produced smooth calcium hydroxylapatite (caha) microspheres suspended in a gel carrier. Over time, the gel is absorbed, and fibroblasts appear. The filler acts as a scaffolding for the process of neocollagenesis (or new collagen formation) to begin, thus stimulating the gradual growth of the patient's own collagen.
It is different. Radiesse (dermal fillers) is a calcium based product that stimulates your own collagen. It lifts and contours the face and is great for the cheeks, jaw and temple hollow. Other products like juvederm also stimulate collagen but are more for plumping areas around the mouth. I often use Radiesse (dermal fillers) as part of my "rosenthal liquid facelift". www.artofplasticsurgery.com.
Radiesse (dermal fillers) . Radiesse (dermal fillers) is a calcium based product that leads your skin to produce collagen. This help create a longer lasting improvement. The Radiesse (dermal fillers) itself is reabsorbed but it does allow your body's collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) to lay down new collagen.