If I've had lasik, am I still a candidate for blepharoplasty? I had lasik a few years ago, which left me with chronically dry eyes. Am I still able to have blepharoplasty? .

Blepharospasm u. having had lasik does not preclude you from having blepharoplasty. The dryness could be an issue. Have your eyes evaluated by a board certified surgeon with expertise in eyelid surgery.
If . If done properly, a blepharoplasty rarely increases dry eye. You should discuss this with your oculoplastic surgeon (www.Asoprs.Org) and consider punctal plugs.
You . You may be able to---your plastic surgeon should evaluate how dry they are and treat the dry ness prior to any surgery.
Yes. You can consider blepharoplasty but your dry eye needs to be treated before the surgery.
All . All patients will develop dry eyes after lasik. This should resolve within six month. Dry eye can develop with aging and menopause. Blepharoplasty should be performed with caution on patients with dry eyes - it can result in worsening of dryness.