Would a lung reduction surgery help someone with bronchitis not feel so weak all the time?

No. Lung volume reduction is only indicated in emphysema; not chronic bronchitis. The surgery has specific criteria based on lung function (fev1 > 20%) and that the patient has impaired exercise tolerance. Also the disease has to be affecting mainly the upper lobes of the lung rather than evenly throughout the lungs. Fatigue from bronchitis is usually due to recurrent infection/cough.
No. Lung volume reduction surgery or lvrs is for patients with chronic emphysema, and not chronic bronchitis. Bronchitis is inflammation of the airways. Emphysema is loss of the elasticity of the lung tissue, and ballooning or air trapping of the lung tissue. Lvrs has proven (national emphysema treatment trial) to be beneficial and life saving in patients with poor exercise capacity, and emphysema in the upper parts of the lung.
Only if emphysema. Lung volume reduction surgery (lvrs) is not indicated for bronchitis. It is indicated for upper lung predominant severe emphysema and works by removing the worse parts of the lung at the tops or apices of the lung and gives more room for the less diseased bottoms of the lungs to expand more and work better.