I keep getting these bumps on my lower eye lash what is it? Every now and then I get this one bump on my lower eye lash and sometimes it itches, red and sore. It doesn't have a head like a zit it just pops up ever so often. What could it possible be?

These could be cysts. like eccrine hydrocystomas, but see ophthalmologist or dermatologist for confirmation.
Sounds . Sounds like it could be folliculitis. Wash this area carefully and you might benefit from a mild steroid like FML (fluorometholone) ointment when it pops up. Discuss this with your ophthalmologist.
What . What you describe is the eyelid's equivalent of a zit! occasionally, a gland in the eyelid gets clogged, and irritated. Try adding some hot compresses to your end-of-day routine. If that does not work, you may need to start doing regular lid scrubs with either dilute baby shampoo, or commercially available eyelid cleaners such as ocusoft.
The . The first line of treatment is a warm compress for one hour a day until the resolution is achieved. I also recommend cleaning the lid with a warm wash cloth twice a day.