Is it possible for someone to not show symptoms of rsv? Our 7 year old daughter is currently in hospital with pneumonia, kidney failure, and rsv. The doctors believe the RSV is what started everything else. Her mother says she began getting sick on friday

I . I am so sorry that your daughter is so ill and i wish the best for her. Viruses and infections can come on very rapidly in children, as with your daughter. If your other children begin having fever, cough, or other symptoms then their pediatrician should see them immediately. It is however very rare for children to get as sick as your daughter from RSV though it definitely does happen. With most children it is a minor illness.
RSV- the common cold. Rsv in older kids & adults is the cause of about 80% of the common cold symptoms when it moves through a town. I have seen it trigger asthma as late as 8 yrs, but to me it is a simple respiratory virus. Anyone with a minor cold (or rsv) could go on to develop pneumonia & an overaggressive bacterial germ or dehydration could put a kid into kidney failure. The bacteria is the major issue not the rsv.