I have had pain in my legs, back, arms, shoulders, and butt for over a year now. This pain is accompained by fatigue, anxiety an also have anxiety, depression, fatique, urinary frequency, skin tenderness, tingiling in my hands and feet, trouble sleeping,

Fibromyalgia concern. #fibromyalgia? Symptoms of pain both sides of upper ; lower body, anxiety, fatigue, depression, trouble sleeping, urinary frequency, skin tenderness ; tingling are all found in persons with #fibromyalgia (fm), but not only in fm. Most rheumatologist are knowledgeable about fm disorder ; referral from a primary care doctor might be in order; as well as a general evaluation.
I . I am sorry that you are going through this. It is not clear to me from your question if you have seen a physician and had a complete evaluation. You should have a complete panel of blood and urine testing to be sure there isn't a metabolic or other cause of your symptoms if you have not already done so. When you go to the doctor it may be helpful to take a list of your symptoms and what you have tried at home to help, such as any medications or herbal supplements. You may need to get a second opinion if you have already been evaluated and have not been diagnosed or treated.