Dermetology- is my mole normal? I have a mole on my shoulder that has been there since I was a kid. The past few years it has gotten much bigger. It was flat before (looking like a very large freckle or small birth mark) but it is now raised up quiet a bit

Moles can raise up. normally as cells drop down in the skin. But if you are worried, its best to see dermatologist for diagnosis and possible biopsy if necessary.
Any . Any changing or growing mole should be examined. I like for patients to take photos of moles that they are concerned about so that there is a baseline image, and then for them to look at that photo every 3 months to monitor for changes. Bring all mole photos to your dermatologist yearly so that they can be compared to your current mole.
Given . Given the fact that the mole is changing and your family history, i would recommend you see a dermatologist for a skin cancer screening and mole check. Check out some pictures of examples of abnormal moles at the link below. I hope that helps!