How can I correct my vision if my cornea is starting to get thin and long. I went to go see a doctor to see if lasik surgery would help correct my vision and he said that no because I was developing a condition on my left eye that is causing my cornea to

It . It sounds like you may have a problem called keratoconus. If that is the case, you should not have any surgery that involves changing the shape of your cornea. The implantable contact lens is the way to go. Find a certified surgeon in phoenix and go for a consultation for this surgery. The cornea is untouched, and a lens implant is gently inserted in your eye to correct your vision. This would be safe for the problem that you described. More info here:.
? Keratoconus. Your description sounds like you may have keratoconus. If this is true, you may need corneal crosslinking, intacs, contact lenses, or other therapies.
You . You are describing a condition called keratoconus. This condition disqulifies you for any corneal laser surgery. However, you can consider icl or clear lens exchange as an option.
Laser . Laser resurfacing of the cornea (lasik, prk, etc) are absolutely contraindicated for keratoconus and may significantly worsen that condition. Icl may be a good option for you.