Is it safe to take b vitamins and eat a protein bar every morning and still eat 2 portioned meals throughout the day with fruit I also work 5 days out of the week am a high school senior and workout every night cardio and some strength training to try and

Food for breakfast. I'd prefer you eat a regular healthy breakfast and use the protein bar as an in-between meal supplement. Bars are a good quick source of nutrition but shouldn't replace whole nutritious foods. And the B complex vitamins with breakfast would be fine.
If . If you are eating healthy and eating a protein bar, then b vitamins are most likely not necessary. Look at the protein bar you are eating and see what proportion of b vitamins it has. B vitamins are water-soluble though, so nothing bad will happen to you if you want to take a reasonable amount of the supplement (don't take more than prescribed though). As long as you eat a healthy diet, you should not need a vitamin supplement.