Infected navel piercing? Recently, I had my belly button pierced by a relative. It looked fine the first night, but now it's red and a little bloody around the holes with white puss. Is that normal? I do not have a barbell or ring in. We had to suffice wi

Pus is not normal. Check for signs of infection: ^'ed redness, warmth, swelling. ^'ed tenderness, pus, red streaking, swollen lymph nodes or fever. Recommend keeping piercing in place unless directed by Dr (if removed – drainage tract will close up w ^'ed risk of abscess formation). Call Dr for medical evaluation. Your Dr may prescribe oral antibiotics or antibiotic ointments to apply to piercing site.
Very . Very frequent to get minor infections an inflammation in navel piercings. Apply topical antibiotic (polysporin, bacitracin) with bandaid covering. If redness or tenderness begin to expand outward, you may need oral antibiotics. If does not clear up with above, may need to remove earring completely.