Bloating and burning in rectum after bowel movement lots of bloating and gas, burning in rectum. Some times my stomach will gurgle and have stomach pain sometimes les. And very lose stooles.

It . It sounds like you may be dealing with gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining) and possibly hemorrhoids. The best thing for you to do is see your primary care provider for a complete work up and treatment. You will likely need blood tests and a stool test to check for blood. After a complete examination and results your doctor may order additional tests(i.E endoscopy or colonoscopy)or that may not be necessary and treatment can be started. Take care.

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Bloating, stomach pain, gas that smells like sulfur, and bowel movements. What's causing this?

Many possibilities. A plethora of possibilities exist. You could be lactose intolerant,in which case avoidance of all lactose-containing foods should really help (primarily dairy products). If you have well water, it may need to be tested for contaminants, including parasites such as giardia (other household members may have similar symptoms), were this the case). I would try a reputable probiotic and see how you do. Read more...

Bloating, gas, frequent bowel movements, stomach pain, nausea, shivering?

Abdominal Pain. Abdominal Pain is a common complain in the outpatient setting. Would recommend to see a doctor. Can be as simple as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or it can be more concerning. Read more...