How can I relieve these headaches? I have had headaches for a few weeks. They arent severe like migranes just dull aches that don't seem to go away. Doctor said my nose was swollen and sinus problem / allergies are most likely the cause but I am unsure. I

Treat allergies. You can do nasal saline rinses, use antihistamines with decongestants, and even use a nasal steroid spray that is now available OTC. If these measures are not helpful you should see your physician to be evaluated for a sinus infection.
The. The headaches are likely due to sinusitis. Your doctor should treat you for sinusitis or take an x-ray or ct scan of your sinuses if he/she wants to be certain prior to treatment. I feel like doing these tests would prolong your suffering and treatment with antibiotics for at least ten days should be started. In the meantime try over the counter 12 hour sudafed. Take care.