Can jumping off moving equipment 5 to 15 mph on to uneven ground for 35 years up to 150 times a day cause back and knee injury? The injury's has caused total disability to lower spine and knees!

This . This is a loaded question. There are many things that happen with age regardless of what activities you do. There are other things that happen as a result of trauma, but usually from a specific injury. While people discuss "cumulative trauma" there is no solid scientific evidence to establish that is causes arthritis. One of the questions is: what else might you have been doing if you weren't doing your job? If you were skiing, snowboarding, running, playing soccer, etc., you may have developed the same problems. The theoretical "8-hour" work day means that less than 1/3 or our time is actually spent at work (assuming 2 days off per week). Many of the things we do in our off-work time also contribute to arthritis and back pain. Have you been assessed for conditions like ankylosing spondylitis or other inflammatory arthropathies? Some of those can be improved with medications. If you've been doing your job for over 35 years, then you are also at an age when some arthritis was likely to happen anyway. Be mindful about opening a worker's compensation claim. There are some advantages, but also disadvantages. Have a frank conversation with your treating physician about the nature of your back and knee problems, any injuries you may have had, and the possible relationship to your job before deciding which way to go. Two things that can help both problems are losing weight (unless you're already very thin) and avoiding smoking. You'd be surprised how much they contribute to pain.