Should I go to the er, I have no health insurance? I am 24 years old and yes I am a little overweight and I smoke. For the past 3 days I have felt weak and very tired but I can't sleep. I'm dizzy most all the time but I get lightheaded when I turn my head

It's . It's been 4 days since you wrote in so if you're still feeling bad, yeah, it's best to get checked out. The big question, of course, is where? If you ever wonder whether you should go to the er, it's probably a good idea to go, assuming you have no family physician to contact. Certainly, you'll rarely hear from a physician online dissuading you from going. Too many unknowns in a stranger that we can't evaluate and would make us liable if we told you to stay home til the morning. The fact that you feel worse when you stand up w/your pulse increasing from 88 up to 104 suggests possible dehydration. Regardless, you need to get checked out. The fact that you have no health insurance has no impact on the need to get medical attention. There are many low cost, even free, health care options for those without health insurance (possibly even without a job). So rather than wait for some anonymous doctor to reassure you, go back online and look for your options. Good luck!
This . This may very well be related to your bp. Get that checked out at a local clinic (not necessarily the er).